Northeastern Center for Financial Independence

Please select one of our team members.

Ryan Goyenechea

Ryan is a 2nd year studying Accounting. This is his first semester working at Thrive, but was part of the Thrive Ambassador program last semester. A fun fact is that he interned at a tax office while a senior in high school. Ryan specializes in budgeting and credit but is happy to answer any personal finance questions.

Outside of school, he enjoys playing tennis, trying new foods, and exploring Boston.

Leanne Dyson

Leanne is a 4th year studying International Business with concentrations in Accounting & Finance. A fun fact is that she plans to do her Master’s degree in Italy! Leanne specializes in Investing but is happy to discuss any area of personal finance including Budgeting, Credit, Taxes, and Loans.

Leanne enjoys traveling, learning new languages, trying new restaurants, kickboxing, and volleyball.

Alyssa Wren

Alyssa is a 5th year senior studying Finance & Accounting with minors in Econ and Political Science. She has worked for Thrive for the last 4 years and specializes in Taxes and Loans, but can answer questions in all areas.

Outside of school, she enjoys traveling (pre-COVID!), cooking/baking, and trying new workouts.